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TE-WB 1.0 & 1.5 Wideband Software

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Currently available software for Palm, Windows and DOS :

WBLOG -- Preliminary DOS version

This is an interim ALPHA vesion of WBLOG.EXE - we hope to have a bugfree version in mid Jan 2003. We apologise for not completed this before the new year. We have used this version to log data ourselves, so it may work for you until the next release.

Download WBLOG.EXE alpha version (as ZIP file)

Note - the preliminary DOS only software is guaranteed to be buggy and is setup to show RPM for a 4 cylinder vehicle with a distributor ONLY.

User Interface - WBLOG

The screen shot shows AFR (for unleaded) at top left, RPM at lower left, user channels 1 and 2 at the right in milliVolts (0 to 4995). The centre dividing bar moves right as mixture becomes leaner and changes from green to red for AFRs over 14.7. The AFR digits are averaged with an update rate of about twice a second but the bar moves as fast as the data is received (and is logged that way too). The top right corner shows the receive (3 digits extreme top right) and logging status.

The keyboard control the logging operation with commands

The WBLOG program is started at the DOS prompt with the command WBLOG. If you have a previous WB.LOG file already, you must tell it to overwrite the file with the -OV switch, so you issue DOS command WBLOG -OV. WBLOG will default to use COM port 1 (or report that it is unavailable). Sometimes you must tell it what COM port to use with the -C=n switch so you issue WBLOG -OV -C=2 command to use port COM2. To get a list of switches supported by WBLOG, issue the DOS command WBLOG -?.

Logged Data

The logged data is simply an ASCII text file in CSV (or comma separated value). CSV data can be readily imported into eXcel. Below is an example of the CSV file, and on the right is the same data imported into eXcel.


Displaying Logged Data

This image shows a relatively unprocessed eXcel scatter graph using the raw output from WBLOG and read into eXcel as a CSV text file. As can bee seen, we annotated it with labels showing AFR, RPM, MAP and TPS. Note the spikes in the RPM curve - newer versions of the code should eliminate these "noise" spikes.

The log file is called WB.LOG and is written by default on Quit, and logging is enabled when the program starts. Only 64 kbytes of data can be logged before the data starts to be overwritten in memory.

Graph Interpretation

The graph shows a short run with the autotrans shifting up at point A (RPM drops from ~2,900 to ~2,700). TPS starts increasing at point B as we push open the throttle. More throttle causes manifold vacuum (as measured by the MAP sensor) to increase towards atmospheric pressure with a maximum at point C. As revs increase steadily we see that by point D the ECU has richened the mixture (and gone open loop), with the mixture slowly leaning out as revs increase above 4,000.

Note that the AFR variation is not shown well with the default scaling we have let eXcel use.

Updated Software

We intend to have a number of enhancements before we make version 1.0 generally available.

We hope to have third party Win32, PalmOS, and WinCE software some time in the future.

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