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This unit is no longer offered - refer to the WBo2 pages.

The Tech Edge version 1.5 wideband unit is the second of a growing range of wideband oxygen sensor interfaces. As a pre-built unit it's supplied as shown, and also available as a DIY Kit. Download the version 1.5 User's Manual (700k PDF).

Image shows the (TE-WB 1.5) and to the left is Data Access cable (D/A cable) which provides a convenient connection point for the three (optional) inputs and the simulated narrowband output. Not shown is the optional TE-5301 display, the cable to the sensor and the L1H1 NTK UEGO sensor itself.

The TE-WB 1.1 is similar to 1.5 but without the inbuilt RS232 capability to log AFR, RPM and two other analogue voltages.

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Version 1.5 Features

  • Accurate AFR measure from below 10 to above 25 (petrol/gasoline stoic=14.7). The inbuilt heater controller (constant voltage) and analogue PID feedback loop provide much greater accuracy than units based on (4 wire) sensors such as the LSM-11.
  • Linear voltage output (Vlin) zero to 5 Volts for connection to external logger or dumb visual display. Output voltage defines AFR from formula AFR = 9 + (2 * Vlin). AFR is linearised and updated at least 20 times/sec.
  • Works with battery voltages down to 11 Volts (especially convenient for bike and kart usage) using an analogue ULDO (Ultra Low Drop Out) regulator.
  • Inbuilt data collection for wideband, RPM and two A/D channels is provided via an RS232 output. Two spare 10 bit A/D converter channels provide inputs that can be connected to engine sensors such as TPS or MAP. An RPM input for connection to a coil or ECM provides a datum when logging. Palm and PC based software allows saving information for later analysis.
  • A simulated Narrowband output (with adjustable stoic point) provides a sensor signal for the ECU when the original (narrowband) sensor has been removed. This enables wideband measurements without adding an extra bung in your exhaust system.
  • Reverse polarity and inbuilt fuse protection are provided to ensure voltage spikes (from faulty alternator) and inadvertently reversed battery power do not damage the unit.
  • Free-air re-calibration adjustment (to set the free-air Vout to 4.00 Volts precisely) and adjustable stoic voltage setting (for 2.50 volts stoic Vout) mean the highest accuracy can be obtained over time, and as the sensor ages.
  • Positive power indication (greed LED), and Ip enabled indication (red LED) provide greater user feedback.

Further Information

Information in this section has been moved to the version 1.5 technical information section.

Last updated 29 May 2003

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