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Note : we now have version 1.5 units available with better specifications (lower voltage operation, better internal protection circuitry, etc.). As of 1 March 2003, as a replacement for the 1.0 unit described here, we will be offering the version 1.1 unit which is a version 1.5 unit without the logging section. The rest of this document describes the original Oz DIY-WB unit that we now call the version 1.0 wideband unit.

Version 1.0 Wideband (Oz DIY-WB) Unit

Download the Oz DIY-WB (version 1.0) user's manual - in PDF format, around 724 k bytes.

Here's some more information on the DIY-WB and the WB unit's Lambda & AFR specifications. We also have information on the NTK L1H1 sensor the WB unit requires.

Please note prices shown here related to the now discontinued (version 1.0) Oz DIY-WB pre-built unit.

  • built and tested Oz DIY-WB unit @ AU$200.

  • 2.6 m sensor cable, @ AU$80 (add AU$20 for 4.5 m).

  • 5301 display @ AU$200 (optional RS232 @ AU$20).

There's also a package of Oz DIY-WB unit, 2.6 m cable and 5301 display (with RS232) at the discounted price of AU$480 (save AU$20).

Pre-Built Oz DIY-WB Unit

Assembled Oz DIY-WB

Fully built, tested and calibrated Oz DIY-WB PCB in a tough high impact and UV resistant ABS plastic case. An 8 pin circular connector at one end of the case mates to the NTK sensor cable that is available seperately. A 9 pin DB connector carries power, ground, and the WB (Vout) signal to either the 5301 display or your own data logger or display. The analogue output voltage covers the AFR range of 10:1 (1.4 Volts) thru' 14.7 (2.5 Volts) to 25:1 (3.1 Volts).

There's more technical information here including specifications for Vout.

Oz DIY WB Unit (vers. 1.0) price AU$200 (+ GST if applicable)

TE-5301 Air/Fuel LED Display

Fully built and tested TE-5301 3 digit display and 7 dot moving bar display featuring ultra-bright LEDs, auto-dimming, and 2.5 samples per second update speed (5 samples/sec for bar display). Supplied with a 2.0 m cable to connect to Oz DIY-WB unit. The unit is small at just 83 x 54 mm (3.3 x 2.1 inches) and 30 mm deep. There's more technical information here.

The RS232 option option provides 5 samples/sec @ 19k2 baud and uses a DB9 plug for connection to your PC (or serial data logging device). Available only if you order a constructed TE-5300 display.

TE-5301 display price AU$200 (+ GST if applicable)

TE-5301 with RS232 price AU$220 (+ GST if applicable)

Cable from NTK sensor to DIY-WB Unit

NTK to Oz DIY-WB Cable

The Oz DIY-WB cable comes in either 2.6 or 4.0 standard lengths and has an 8 pin circular connector at one end to connect to the Oz DIY-WB unit and a 7 pin female Sumitomo connector at the other end to mate with the NTK L1H1 sensor.

The cable is sheathed in a tough black nylon covering and requires just an 18 mm (3/4") hole in the firewall for permanent installations.

2.6 m Cable price AU$80 (+ GST if applicable)

4.0 m Cable price AU$100 (+ GST if applicable)

Other Wide Band Related Products

NTK L1H1 UEGO sensor - We currently DON'T sell this sensor.

We suggest that you can obtain the sensor direct from the either:

NTK Sensor
Sumitomo Connector

Sumitomo connector. This is the same connector we supply at the end of our cable for connection to the NTK sensor. The parts supplied comprises connector shell, insert, 10 crimp female pins (7 used) and all seals and dummy plugs. Be warned that making your own cable is not a simple job.

Sumitomo Connector kit price AU$8 (+ GST if applicable)

8 Pin Circular connector. This is the same connector we supply with our cable for connection to the WB unit. You get the connector and all pins ready for you to solder to. Be warned that making your own cable is not a simple job.

8 Pin circular Connector price AU$6 (+ GST if applicable)

8 Pin Circular Connector

Future Wideband products

As noted above, we now offer version 1.5 units. We are also working on version 2.0 featuring support for the Bosch LSU-4 sensor and with data logging capabilities. We will also have a replacement for the 5301 display and possibly a future handheld model will incorporate the sensor interface and the display in the one package.

We appreciate your feedback on the content and any corrections necessary to this article.

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