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2.0 and 1.5 Version Updates ...

2.0 - The version 2.0 unit is now available as a DIY kit or a fully pre-built unit. The 2.0 unit uses the Bosch LSU sensor.

1.5 - The version 1.5 kits have better specifications (lower voltage operation, better internal protection circuitry, etc.). From 1 March 2003, as a replacement for the 1.0 kit described here, the version 1.1 kit was offered which is a version 1.5 kit without the logging section.

The remaining information in this articles relates to the 1.0 unit that uses the NTK L1H1 sensor.

Version 1.0 Wideband (Oz DIY-WB) Unit

Make your own high performance but low cost wide band oxygen sensor meter (often called a UEGO meter) using easy to obtain parts and a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Add a low cost digital display like the TE-5301 to show AFR (or Lambda) and your own electronic construction skills. The Oz PCB is functionally the same as that used in the diy-efi WB O2 project but is smaller and is Australian made by Tech Edge.

Australian DIY-WB PCB

click on the images for an enlargement

Constructed PCB

Note: This is a small PCB - and you will need very good electronics skills to construct the kit. It's NOT a kit for beginner hobbyists. We do not offer an automatic fix-it service if you have trouble with your unit.

The parts for the Oz DIY-WB are sold as :

Data, Information & Software


The Oz DIY project started as a not-for-profit offering of just the bare PCB. It progressed to offering parts and then a matching display and then the NTK sensor too. We now offer a fully built and tested PCB and also a fully constructed wideband digital display. The original and ongoing intent of the DIY-WB project is to offer a low cost high performance alternative to those expensive (and often inferior) existing commercial units.

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Status August 2003 (version 2.0 Available)

We now have available the latest 2.0 unit that uses the Bosch LSU sensor

3 Digit AFR/Lambda Display Kit

note : Image shown is the Jaycar 5300 model. A suitable display for the output of the DIY-WB is the modified FMD kit (also known as the Jaycar KC-5300, and sold as the TE-5300 display) We have written new software and made simple modifications to the original design, and this is all that is required to make the original Silicon Chip FMD kit. work with the DIY-WB PCB.

To make ordering easier, Jaycar produced for us the TE-5300 display kit which we sell for AU$65, which is about the same as the standard unmodified kit price. You can order your TE-5300 display from Tech Edge. You can also buy your own unmodified kit from a number of distributors, get the software from Tech Edge for free, but non-disclosure and non-commercial usage conditions do apply, and then reprogram your kit.

Remember, the FMD is a DIY kit and very good electronics construction skills are required to successfully make it work. This is NOT a prebuilt unit and must be wired to the DIY-WB PCB and a specific NTK sensor for it to successfully function as a wide band AFR/Lambda display.

That said, the kit may be DIY, but the results and operation should be totally professional.

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