Some Notes and Warnings

This section contains miscellaneous notes including previous warnings we have posted about the Oz DIY-WB project.

PCB Silkscreen errors U2, U4, U9

The PCB outlines (the white silkscreen) for U2, U4 and (the optional) U9 are reversed. U2 is oriented as for U1 and U4 & U9 (just above the left hand hole of the DB9 connector) must both be rotated 180°. The images of constructed boards and the location guide show the correct orientations of these parts.

To avoid confusion, we have no intention of fixing this error, so your silkscreen is guaranteed to be wrong for these three components.

Use a Fuse, check your alternator

A number of people have inadvertantly reversed the battery connection to either the WB PCB and/or the TE-5300 display. Without a fuse (or with a high current fuse) the WB PCB's tracks from the power connector to D7 may evaporate, but this may not be a fatal problem that can't be easily repaired (D7 should be checked). Avoid this by always checking the power & ground connection

Reversing the power to the display will result in the large 1 Watt resistor on the lower PCB smoking, but again this may not be fatal as long as power is removed quickly. The PIC is quite robust and can withstand short periods of abuse (please don't test this theory).

The TE-5300 has only a simple overvoltage protection network that can be easily damaged if your alternator continuously puts out over 16 volts. Check your alternator.

Early Jaycar KC-5300 Kits (Dec. 2001)

This warning is not applicable to kits shipped in 2002 or beyond. Some early versions of the LED display kit (KC-5300) contained incorrect LED parts. The problem seems to have affected just a couple of kits. Please check your KC-5300 before construction to ensure you have three PARA LIGHT A-521H seven segment displays (not the single dot/bar display). Any other part number is wrong and may damage your PIC 16F84A CPU. Contact us if you find you have the wrong part and we will replace it for free (including free shipping). Jaycar apologise for any inconvenience this may entail. Remember: You should check ALL parts before you construct any kit!


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