Parts kit for the Oz DIY-WB PCB

The Oz DIY-WB parts kit is designed to give you all of the electronic components to load your Oz DIY-WB PCB.

You are supplied with the following, along with a printed location guide, all heat sealed in individual compartments :

  • capacitors and semiconductors including the LM1086 LDO (low drop out) regulator.
  • all resistors (with hand written values) including the large wire wound resistor R41.
  • a 1 watt 6.8 ohm resistor for R40 (Imax trim resistor).
  • heatsink mounting hardware (but no heatsink).
  • three 14 pin IC sockets for U1-U3 (but not the 8 pin socket for U5).
  • If you don't order the completion kit we also give you CON1 and CON2 as a 10 pin plug and socket (we may use an 8 & 2 pin plug).

You can Order the Oz DIY-WB Parts kit here too.

You are not supplied with the following items that come in the optional Oz DIY-WB completion kit that is designed to give your built PCB that professional finish :

If you still have any questions on the Oz DIY-WB parts kit then email us.


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