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Oz DIY-WB Order Details

This is where you can order the Oz DIY-WB PCB, matching parts kit, extra completion kit and TE-5301 3 digit LED display kit. We also have limited quantities of the NTK L1H1 sensor at AU$350 (plus GST if applicable). Note: we suggest North American purchasers can get the same NTK sensor at a lower price from their local source at The Parts Bin.

All prices below are quoted in Australian dollars. After you provide shipping and order quantities, you will be asked for payment details. We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa or PayPal (do not send, we will request all PayPal payments) as well as by cheque or cash for Australian purchasers only. Goods are ONLY shipped after payment (for cash, cheque or PayPal), or credit verification (cards).

Complete Order Details, or go back or tell me about order problems

I wish to order the following DIY kit items, quantities are indicated below:
Note prices in AU$ (plus GST if applicable) - Shipping is additional
  The bare Oz DIY-WB PCB @ AU$20
  electronics Parts kit for above PCB @ AU$45 - PCB not included.
  Case, drilled heatsink and completion kit @ AU$30
  Sumitomo connector for the L1H1 NTK sensor @ AU$8
  TE-5301 3 digit LED display kit @ AU$70
currently unavailable NTK L1H1 sensor @ AU$350 (note: subject to availability)
  8 pin female circular connector (as in completion kit) @ AU$$6
payments   First name
  Last name
  Address 1
  Address 2
  Zip/Postcode   - - -   postal zone
  Country     - -   Insurance:   No   Yes
  Home Phone
  email Addr.


where items & postage will be totalled.

If you still have any questions on the Oz DIY-WB project then email us.


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