Completion kit for the Oz DIY-WB

The Oz DIY-WB completion kit supplies the extra parts needed to take your partially constructed Oz DIY-WB PCB to the professional finish stage. You get :

  • tough, impact and UV resistant ABS plastic case.
  • pre-drilled heatsink for U7 that also mounts the PCB into the case.
  • chassis mount DB9 connector for CON3.
  • chassis mount metal 8 pin plug and socket for CON1.
  • All nuts, bolts, washers, spacers, hookup wire, etc.

You can Order the Oz DIY-WB completion kit here too.

Click on the images to get a more detailed view.

Completion Kit
Comstructed unit

This additional kit of parts will allow you to construct the Oz DIY-WB unit to the same standard we supply when you buy the constructed version from us. You also get the matching 8 pin circular chassis mount plug that allows you to make the cable to the sumitomo connector on the other end (sumitomo connector available sepepately).

Mechanically, all you need do is drill a hole in one half of the case for the LED, and some holes for the connectors in the two end panels of the case. Electrically you must wire the two connectors to the PCB, and wire the power cable to CON2 (not shown here).

If you still have any questions on the Oz DIY-WB completion kit then email us.


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