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Tech Edge WB 1.5 Parts & Location

This guide should allow you to quickly find components. There are 3 parts :

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Resistors are shown in ohms, and a 2k2 designation means 2.2 k ohm (ie. 2,200 ohms). Resistors in brown have a tolerance of 5%, and resistors in light blue have a tolerance of 1% and the two types should not be mixed. Capacitors are shown in uF (micro Farad) and nF (nano Farad). Dark blue capacitors are block monolithic (decoupling). The yellow capacitors are polyester (higher tolerance). The purple capacitors are electrolytic, so note their orientation shown with a (+) and a black bar for (-)ve (although the actual capacitor will probably have a white line to denote (-)ve).

Note 1 : The parts kit contains everything for a wideband unit, and the two connectors to make up the cable to the sensor, but does NOT contain the wire to make the cable to the sensor.

1ATtiny15L microprocessor, DIP8 (+1)
1LMC6484 Quad R2R OP-AMP, DIP14
1CD4066 Quad Bilateral Switch, DIP14
4LM324 Quad OP-AMP, DIP14 (+1)
1LM358 Dual OP-AMP, DIP8 (+1)
1LM431 2.5 Volt Reference, TO-92
32N3904 NPN GP Transistor, TO-92 (+1)
1MTP3055 Power FET, TO-220
11.5KE-33A Transorb
31N4148 Small Signal Diode
11N4743 Zener Diode 1A, 13v
11N4746 Zener Diode 1A, 16v (+1)
11N5822 V Schottky Diode 6A, 60v
1LED Red LED 5 mm round
1LED Green LED 5 mm round
4100nF Block Monolithic 50 V (0.1uF, 104)
1100nF MKT Capacitor 50 V (0.1uF, 100nJ) (+4)
156nF Greencap 50 V (0.056uF) (+1)
11uF MKT Capacitor 50 V (1u0K)
310uF Electrolytic Capacitor 25 V
247uF Electrolytic Capacitor 25 V
20.15R 1% (may substitute 3 x 0.22R 5%)
120R 1%R
3100R 1%R (+1)
1110R 1%R
1430R 1%R
1560R 1%R
11K0 1%R
11K3 1%R
11K5 1%R
22K0 1%R
12K4 1%R
110K 1%R
212K 1%R
122K 1%R
130K 1%R
233K 1%R
247K 1%R
2100K 1%R
22K2R (+2)
34K7R (+2)
1410KR (+6)
347KR (+1)
2100KR (+1)
115k1 Watt (+1)
1500R Trimpot (501)
11K Trimpot (102)
120K Trimpot (203)
2DIP8 DIP 8 IC Sockets (+2)
5DIP14 DIP 14 IC Sockets
2FUSEHOLD 3AG PCB Mount Fuseholders
13A FUSE 3 AMP 3AG Fuse
1  TO220/M3 Insulating Washer (Grey)
1  TO220/M3 Insulating Bushing (Beige)
1 ABS Grey plastic case (Jaycar HB6034)
1 case mounting and closing hardware (bag of screws + rubber feet)
1 Drilled Aluminimum heatsink 119 x 68 x 2 mm
4 M3 6 mm bolts (attach heatsink to case)
1 M3 10 mm bolts (attach TO-200 IC to heatsink)
4 M3 15 mm bolts (attach PCB to heatsink)
9 M3 star washers (4 for heatsink to case, 4 for PCB to heatsink, 1 for TO-220)
5 M3 nuts
4 M3 6.3 mm nylon spacer (PCB spacers to heatsink)
1 DB9-P (male panel mount DB9)
1 DB panel mount kit (2 bolts, nuts & washers)
1 Sumitomo 8 pin connector kit in bag (for cable to sensor)
1 8 pin panel mount socket
1 8 pin plug with screw-on ring (for cable to NTK sensor)
1 5 pin panel mount socket (+1)
1 5 pin plug with screw-on ring (for D/A cable) (+1)
1 White 6 core "alarm" cable (D/A cable wire) (+1)
1 16 conductor ribbon cable 100 mm (PCB to various sockets)
2 heavy gauge wires 100 mm (orange + yellow) (heater, PCB to 8 pin)
1 short length of "wire wap" wire (for PCB mods)
1 short length of tinned copper wire (for attaching GND to 5 pin socket) (+1)
6 cable ties

Note 2: + Numbers in brackets and italics above refer to the additional parts needed to convert from version 1.1 to 1.5.

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