GMCKS - GM Checksum Utility

    This utility generates a 16 bit checksum for General Motors (GM) C3 and P4 (and higher) series engine control modules (ECM) BIN (binary) files. The author also has an S19 and Hex file to binary file conversion utility BINCVT.

    Get version 1.0 of GMCKS here.

This is release 1.0, expect there to be couple of bugs! Tell me about GMCKS bugs.

Features of GMCKS

This is the first release of this utility. It simply takes a straight binary file and adds the appropriate checksum. It is possible that at some time in the future it will be upgraded to process S19 and Hex files directly.

Command Line Switches

All optional processing is handled by supplying command line switch options. Only an abbreviated form of the command line switch is required. The minimum number of characters required for each switch is indicated by the upper case characters in the following description (eg for File=, just F= is required).

Either an equals sign (=), or a colon (:) can be used to to separate the switch and its parameter.

GMCKS Switches

 Chkoff=    Offset to store the 16 bit checksum result. The default is offset 6.
 Sumoff=    Offset to begin calculating the checksum from. The default 8.
 File=    Output file name. The default is the same name as the input file, meaning that the input file is overwritten.
 ?  Force the basic help screen to be displayed.

Last Updated 29st November 2001 (links)

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